Renters Insurance

Your landlord has a policy for your building, but do you have renters insurance to protect yourself? Today, only 40 percent of American renters can answer this question affirmatively. Without your own policy, you could lose everything in a fire or other catastrophe.

What is Renters Insurance?

A landlord’s insurance policy covers a lot, but it stops short of insuring all the possessions you have inside your apartment, such as laptops, televisions and furniture.

It also will not provide liability protection if you are at fault for an injury to another person. As a tenant, you have rights. One of these rights is to add an extra level of insurance protection, which is tailor-made just for renters.

For a few dollars a month, renters policies provide reimbursement for:

Homeowners Insurance New York

The damage of personal property, including electronics and furniture

Renters Insurance coverage for Medical bills

Medical bills for anyone injured inside your apartment

Quote Sheep Homeowners insurance

Living expenses while your apartment is being repaired

Whether you are at work, out having fun or at home during a storm, renters insurance guarantees you have little to worry about. It insures your possessions against many types of unfortunate incidents.

What does it Cover?

Fire Home Insurance


Smoke is covered under Condo Insurance


Property Damage


Hail coverage for Renters Insurance


Condo Insurance covers explosions


Property Insurance


Burglary Homeowners Insurance


Home and Auto Insurance


Condo Insurance covers Freezing Pipes

Freezing pipes

If one of these events occur, you may not be able to afford the cost of replacing all of your belongings. Without an active insurance policy, few can.

Sign up for a renters insurance policy today. You will gain invaluable financial protection at an affordable price.

Get a free quote right now and rest easy.